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We understand events to be visionary performances, the core of communiy. 

Herzog Collective_Trancendence Carnival.jpg

Herzog Collective's First Event, Free and Open to Public

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We also open our spaces to other organizations that share our values

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Organized by Carriage,

Poster design by Emily Huynh

Organized by Emily and Lily of Carriage,

Poster design by Emily Huynh

Swallow #3.heic

The Walk Magazine at Herzog,

Cover photo by Tina Zhang

Organized by Penn Fashion Collective,

Poster design by Claudia Bellacosa

Teal and Orange Roadside Motivational Rest Quote Animated Social Media.heic

Poster design by Sarahbelle Kim

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 1.05.51 AM.png

Poster design by Jill Lee


Poster design by Jill Lee

Utopian Herzog House Warming Invite.jpg
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